Our Benefits

Benefits of using our services

Focus on your core business

You leave the hustles of moving goods, storage, and shipping to customers to us, while you focus on building your brand


Outsourcing your order fulfillment needs remove logistics from your fixed costs to variable costs. You don’t need to own a warehouse, trucks or even people to handle your orders. This lowers your costs and increases your profitability. We also provide you with reports of all your inventory activities

Risk transfer

You no longer need to bear the risk of the safety of your goods, whether when in transit or stored at the warehouse. We take the risk for you

Maximum flexibility

When you are handling your fulfillment yourself, you need to pay for the warehouse even when you don’t have goods in storage. With our service, you only pay for the time your goods have been stored, and the space occupied only. You don’t need to pay for 300sq.m space while you only need 50sq.m

Get In Touch

For any information and inquires on our platform we are available. Feel free to contact us.


8TH floor, Mlimani Tower Sam nujoma Road, Dar es Salaam


Mobile: +255 656 006 106


Email : Info@sprintorders.co.tz